Introducing a New-Gen FAMEbassador

By FAME Communications & Jasper Fausto, ME 2023

Tell us something about yourself.

Hi FAMEly! I’m Jasper, ME Batch 2023. In true ME fashion, I’m unapologetically a nerd — watching deep-dive YouTube videos on niche topics as [a] pastime. Outside those nerd sessions, I like to go [climbing and jump rope]! More FAMEly members in the climb gym soon, maybe?

What’s a day in the life of an ME student like today?

ME life after the pandemic was quite different. I’d start the day with onsite classes then go to Matteo Up for my online classes. While listening to online class, my friends and I usually get lunch delivered because JSEC was closed for quite some time (but it’s back now yay!). 

What’s the boon and bane of being in the ME program?

The boon of being in ME is that you get to explore different paths because of how generalist our curriculum is. That, however, is its bane too — there’s a lot of trial and error and individual initiative needed for you to find what you like in a curriculum that provides so many options. 

What’s something new you can bring as the youngest FAMEbassador?

Being [a] part of the ME batch that spent more than half of their college life online, I share a different experience compared to many other FAMErs. Hopefully, I can bridge our unique experience as a batch to the rest of the FAMEly and make stronger in person whatever relationships we formed online.

Jasper Fausto graduated magna cum laude last July 1, 2023. And apart from being one of our newest members of FAME, he is also a TikTok personality with 75,000+ followers — a number that is growing by the day.

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