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Annette Gozon-Valdez (BSME 1993) FAME Features: WomenOfFAME

I am lucky to be in an industry where gender is not a driving factor for leadership and success. In fact, a lot of women excel in the media industry, both on cam and behind the scenes.

Since women are the majority of our TV viewers, we make it a point to cater to their needs and inspire them to be better, stronger, and more relevant in society.

I’m proud to share that our company has produced shows and dramas that promote women empowerment such as Encantadia and Amaya.

Encantadia is a fantasy drama where females are the rulers, not the men. The power is passed on from female to female. Amaya is a fictional soap based on the history of the Philippines which shows that  before the Spaniards came, women were highly regarded and respected in society.

In many ways, Encantadia and Amaya aren’t just fantasy and fiction anymore in Philippine society today. And I’m proud to have been part of this shift.


Annette Gozon-Valdez

BSME 1993

President, GMA Network Films, Inc.

President, GMA Worldwide, Inc.

Programming Consultant to the Chairman/CEO, GMA Network, Inc.

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