Challenging the Status Quo

Josie Mendoza-dela Cruz (BSME 1979) FAME Features: WomenOfFAME

The only thing constant in life is change. But pushing for change means challenging the status quo. Because people prefer to stay within their comfort zones, this is where the biggest task lies.

I ran for governor of Bulacan during a time when only few women were in government. Men, especially the politicians, believed it was a job best fit for only them.

Winning meant immersing myself in the community, being available 7 days a week, building partnerships, and selling a dream. I started with the youth, then the women, until finally I won the respect of the men. To achieve that, it meant working twice as hard as my male counterparts.

By God’s grace, I became the first woman governor of Bulacan.


Josie Mendoza-dela Cruz

BSME 1979

First Female Governor of Bulacan

Served June 30, 1998- June 30, 2007

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