Atty. Jade Andaman-Recio (1995) - FAME Features : AcadeME

Atty. Jade Andaman-Recio (BSME 1995) recalls that her ME degree helped her move into the education industry by teaching her how to look at systems as a whole and in parts, which allowed her to identify opportunities, as well as areas for improvement. She adds that remembering your “why” is very important in any career.

Why did you choose a career in education?

I started my career in education out of a sense of duty and obligation to build on what my parents started. In time, the community of learning and learners that I am honored to be part of inspired me to persevere and pursue excellence. Today, I choose a career in education because of the opportunity to share with my colleagues, and to pass on to our students, the same spirit of perseverance and pursuit of excellence.

How are you able to apply the lessons you learned in ME in your work?

ME has helped me deal with institutional/organizational conundrums critically. It has allowed me to look at systems as a whole, as well as in parts. This enabled me to spot opportunities and areas for evaluation and improvement.

What advice can you give young ME students and grads?

Keep on examining your “why.” This advice applies to anyone choosing a career in general, not just in education. I think we must always keep our “why” in our minds and hearts. Maybe this “why” is not the grand reason that we assume it ought to be, but I thinķ part of the excitement of examining our “why” is being able to plant it like a seed, small at first, and being able to grow it day by day, by never ceasing to ask why we do what we do. That way, I think our hearts and minds can stay inspired for growth—personally and professionally.

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