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Annie Vistro (BSME 1980) believes that education is a work of the heart more than the mind, and that teaching is a two-way street, where she can share her knowledge with students and learn from them at the same time.Annie (center) now lives in Vancouver with her husband (2nd from right), and is shown in the photo with their two daughters, son-in-law, and grandchild.

What challenges did you encounter and how were you able to overcome them?

When teaching at the higher level, one can get frustrated when students appear unprepared for the level that they are at and have no motivation to improve themselves. Demonstrating an interest in the students’ non-academic pursuits and eventually becoming a mentor and friend, and not just a teacher, has encouraged these types of students to work harder to find meaning and direction.

For younger children, a lack of support from their families can be a source of disappointment. It is typically not the cognitive side that presents problems, but the socio-emotional aspect of their development. Frequent positive feedback and exchanges with parents/guardians, supported by evidence from literature and personal experiences has always helped parents be more accepting of feedback, and eventually the younger children, as they subsequently get the same support and discipline at home and in school.

What advice can you give young ME students and grads?

Education is a work of the heart more than the mind. ME with the Ateneo core curriculum as the backbone, and with the principles of Cura Personalis and Women and Men for Others, will all help to make a successful career in Education. One must love sharing knowledge, while also learning from the students while teaching them.

Whether or not one is in the Education field, a person must always have time for continuing education from the various experiences/challenges undertaken and with the different people encountered. ME, as it is typically tied to the brain, is just one of the tools we can use. Let us not forget that we have a heart (for compassion and understanding) and a spirit (for faith, hope, love, and trust) that must work alongside it.

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