A Word From the Outgoing MEA President

By FAME Communications & Don Lim, ME 2023

About Don Lim

Don Lim is not only among the recent ME graduates of 2023, but he was also his batch’s MEA president. He has a love for technology and finance, and during his free time, he tries to be active and play tennis or golf.

What makes one an ME student today?

[Dorothy Dee-Ching] perfectly encapsulated what an ME student of today is: “jack of all trades, master of what you choose.” The current ME program offers strong flexibility to help students discern and develop their skills on the career they want to pursue through a holistic approach. We’re exposed to data analytics, finance, accounting, law, marketing and more; all of which have evolved to be more relevant and crucial in defining what a business leader is now.

How would you define Batch 2023 to the rest of FAME?

Batch 2023 has had to adapt multiple times as we were faced with the pandemic and even as we transitioned back to an on-site lifestyle. Each time, my batch was able to thrive in whichever situation and find ways to be a close, tight-knit community. We’re unique and driven in our own fields—with some deciding to be a professor, choosing the entrepreneurial path or joining startups. We’ve learned to branch out from the traditional tracks expected of ME students, which is a signal of the dynamic business landscape and the ME program that adapts with it.

What message would you like to give to your batch?

Hi Batch 2023! It’s been a few days since graduation, and I hope everyone is doing well! As we go down the hill, we are met with new opportunities and challenges which we’ve never encountered. But, this is not new to us; just as we have thrived every time we were hit with a cannonball in the pandemic, OR and even transitioning back to onsite, I have no doubt that we can do the same as we enter the professional world. Nevertheless, I still hope everyone can see more—on the opportunities we can provide others, the people we haven’t met on the hill and the moments of grace that we can still extend. As Sir Eden said in his message to our batch, I hope that as much as Ateneo is a home to us that we can go back to, we can be a home to others as well as we carry the spirit of Ateneo and ME within us. 

Soar high, Batch 2023! Fill up hearts with excitement and love!

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