Amazing Scholars

Tricia Sumampong
Current Position:
Customer Business Development Manager, Synagie Inc.
ME Batch & Sponsoring Batch:
ME Batch 2017, ME 1985 Scholar

"I often think about how throughout my life,I’ve been overwhelmingly blessed by the generosity of others. The generosity ofdistant relatives is what allowed my parents to finish their education and giveus a better life than what they had. The generosity of family, friends, andother donors is what helped my mom survive her battle with cancer. Thegenerosity of the FAME scholarship fund donors is what enabled me to finish myown education at the time when studying in the Ateneo seemed like animpractical and impossible choice.


I think that generosity is one of thegreatest yet simplest acts of love – when you choose to give when giving is notrequired, when you choose to give without the expectation of receiving anythingin return. The generosity of ME Batch ’85 enabled me to get to where I am today,and that also inspired me to extend the same generosity whenever I can: throughsetting up a community pantry while the country was on lockdown, throughleading garage sales to distribute food packs to vulnerable sectors, throughfundraising for tablets for elementary students to help with the shift toremote learning, through supporting a student in Payatas with her school needsso she can graduate and help her family out of poverty.


Know that your generosity has a rippleeffect that extends far beyond the student beneficiary. Whatever impact that Ihave made and I will make in my lifetime – all of these have been made possibleby you."


Our accomplishments

The FAME scholarship fund officially kicked off in the ME@40 grand homecoming last 2009. With the generosity of its alumni, the organization has already been able to support a significant number of scholars. As ME celebrates its 53rd year this 2022, FAME aims to stay true to its mission of contributing to society by supporting more ME scholars.



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Your Php 5000 donation can help 1 scholar finish his/her M.E course. 100% funds will proceed to our scholars.