Wilson Sy

Hall of FAME


Philequity Management Inc


In 1994,Wilson founded Philequity Management Inc. (Philequity) and spearheaded the moveto revive the moribund mutual fund industry, which for decades had not beenexistent in the country. He invited friends and other local stock brokers tojoin him in putting up a mutual fund. It is only a few years after Philequity’sbirth that other big local banks and multinational insurance companies startedputting-up mutual funds, following Philequity’s lead.

Wilsonremains as the founder, majority-owner and primary fund manager of Philequity.In fact, Philequity is synonymous to him. To date, Philequity remains as theonly independent mutual fund that survived in an industry dominated by mutualfunds affiliated with banks or insurance companies. Despite this handicap,Philequity continued to perform well and grow over the years. Initially, thefund was marketed only through word of mouth, as happy investors passed on newsabout Philequity’s performance to their families and friends. Philequity hasrelied on Wilson’s sound trading and investment strategies which utilize globalmacro, fundamental and technical analysis to navigate through the various bulland bear cycles that our stock market has experienced. As such, the fund’sgrowth over the years was a result of its track record of outperformance andnot marketing push.

Moreover,Philequity’s success has shown that an independent, homegrown fund can competeor even do better than funds with regional affiliations or presence. Philequitynow caters to various types of clients which include high net worthindividuals, retail investors, government financial institutions, retirementfunds, private institutions and educational institutions which include theAteneo de Manila University. It started in 1994 with only 57 accounts and P176min assets under management (AUM). To date, Philequity’s family of funds has13,622 investors and P13.3b in AUM.