Phillip Ong

Hall of FAME



Santeh Feeds Corporation

With a deep desire to make a difference coupled with an enterprising spirit, Mr. Ong founded Santeh Feeds Corporation in 1990 and steered it to become the leading aquafeed company in the Philippines. Santeh was instrumental in the development of the country’s seafood industry from primarily wild caught fisheries to now supplying 50% of our seafood through aquaculture. Furthermore, his valuable contributions has put the Philippines on the world map as the 7th largest aquaculture producer in the world, with a total production of 2.2 million metric tonnes a year of assorted aquatic products. Through Mr Ong’s vision and leadership, the company has shaped the development of this critical industry, which is often seen as unglamorous and challenging. His company has significantly contributed to domestic food security and community development, providing livelihood to thousands of Filipinos, especially in the most remote rural areas of the country. Its brand, Tateh feeds, has allowed fishermen to increase their productivity to levels that was never thought possible before. Their focus on agility and innovation has allowed this modest company to compete against the giants and emerge at the top of its market. Throughout this, Mr. Ong has never lost focus on sustainability and utmost care for our environment, through its quality products and programs. Most importantly, Phillip Ong is knownas a man of integrity and is respected and well-loved by his peers, employees, friends, and family.