Gregorio Domingo

Hall of FAME



Department of Trade and Industry

Equipped with his Ateneo ME degree, an MBA from AIM, and an MS in Operations Research from Univ of Penn Wharton Business School, Greg spent most of his early career as an investment banker in the US. Greg returned to the Phili in 1995 and held various positions in the private sector, before joining the government for the first time in 2001, as head of BOI under Sec. Roxas. Greg was at the helm of BOI when the Phil BPO industry was at its infancy.  He was instrumental in promoting the growth of the BPO sector during his 3-year stint at BOI.  The BPO industry’s employment base grew from 20,000 in 2001 to 100,000 by 2004, with the momentum he started carrying it to over 600,000 today. He left government service in 2004, the start of Pres. Arroyo’s second term.  Recognizing his expertise, experience, and upright moral standards, Pres. Aquino appointed Greg as Sec. of Trade and Industry on July 2010.

Greg had a lucrative career in the private sector, but did not hesitate to give this up when called to serve in the government.  Sacrificing the perks and economic benefits of the private sector, he chose to serve under an honest administration that aims to reform what ails our economy and put our country on a sustained path of growth. Not only did he sacrifice his private sector career but also gave up quality time with his family, as his job as Sec. of DTI demands extensive travels and successive meetings to promote the Phil as an investment destination, thus creating jobs and improving the lives of Filipinos. As head of DTI, Greg is responsible for monitoring and controlling prices of basic commodities to protect consumers against abusive trade practices. He has been able to maintain a delicate balance in protecting both the consumers as well as business interest.  His efforts have resulted in record high consumer and business confidence.