Don Marquez

Hall of FAME


Don Marquez exhibited exemplary and outstanding leadership in their fields of endeavor, with a proven track record of excellence, and a clear embodiment of the Ignatian virtue of “Man for Others.” His leadership of ANGOC for nearly two decades, led to widening his impact to take the helm of the Philippine Development Assistance Programme and Co-Chairing the ILO (International Land Coalition), among others. His multi-stakeholder approach in convening and organizing policy dialogues, sharing his deep expertise through countless publications, studies, papers, conferences and training have increased the influence of ANGOC’s agenda and fostered enhanced understanding for this under-represented issue. And even during the COVID19 pandemic, he spearheaded the online launch of PRINDEX, the world’s first global survey measuring people’s sense of security over their land and property rights. his lifelong dedication to the pursuit of landrights has been an inspiring example to move towards a more equitable world.